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Rug Repair and Restoration

Expert Rug Repair and Restoration

From the grandest antique carpets to a modest but beloved bedside rug, the Minasian Rug Care Family has been trusted for generations to repair and restore damaged rugs to their former glory.

Whether it’s pet damage, moth infestation or a plumbing disaster, our highly skilled artisans will create a custom plan to repair your rug or give new life to a favorite older piece. With their expertise and the finest wools of every shade on hand, our team can reweave portions of your rug so well that you can’t locate the repair!

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Rug Repairs

  • Hand or machine serging to bind edge warps
  • Overcasting to protect exposed weft loops
  • Patching
  • Stitching of tears and cuts
  • Edge reinforcement
  • Installing loops or sleeves for wall mounting
  • Adding on new fringe / Replacing fringe
  • Re-knotting
  • Flat weaving
  • Rubber stripping or backing
  • Curling prevention
  • Shearing Rug stretching or blocking


  • Water damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Mold/Mildew remediation
  • Dry rot repair
  • Insect damage
  • Moths and carpet beetles
  • Stain Removal
  • Pet damage
  • Wine / Red stains
  • Tobacco
  • Color work and custom dying
  • Color bleeding correction
  • Highlighting faded areas
  • Design recreation
  • Tea staining fringe
  • Etching / Corrosion

Repair and Restoration Terms

  • over edging: restoring the edges by hand wrapping new wool yarn along the sides of the rug
  • yarn sourcing/dying: matching or blending the right yarns for your restoration
  • overcasting: an inexpensive solution to prevent rug ends from fraying
  • re-weaving: custom building a foundation and tying knots to recreate missing motifs
  • knot dyeing: reducing the visibility of weaver’s knots that can appear in older rugs
  • hand sheering: removing the tips of the pile to either restore the color or the texture of the rug
  • fringe replacement: restoring or replacing fringe (handmade or machine-made)
  • color restoration: adding color back to areas that have been damaged
  • stain removal: using a variety of solutions to remove all types of stains
  • blocking: restoring the original shape of a rug to allow it to lie completely flat
  • size alterations: cutting down in width or length or create a different shape
  • fabrications: putting one or more rugs together to fit an unusual space, stairway, etc.

Minasian Rug Care Family: 800-RUG-CARE (800-784-2273)
1244 Chicago, Evanston, IL 60202

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