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Our Cleaning business is open! We now offer sanitization through a special safe steam process.

For over three generations, the Minasian Rug Care Family has been Chicagoland’s “first call” for individualized oriental rug cleaning for rugs of all shapes and sizes, from area rugs, kilims, to antique Persian carpets. After a custom evaluation of your rugs and carpets, each piece is given an environmentally sustainable, “green” cleaning protocol. The rug is then air dried, dressed and wrapped for delivery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Our 9-step Green Rug Cleaning Service

  1. Our professional staff picks up your rug from your home or office, carefully moving all furniture necessary to remove your rug. All rugs are insured from the time of pickup.
  2. At our plant, your rug is checked in, measured and inspected for any possible repairs, stains, deodorizing or any other special handling.
  3. Your rug is hand washed on both sides using a mild, specially formulated “green” detergent and cool natural water. Some rugs require hand dry cleaning.
  4. The fringes are washed separately by hand. All moisture is carefully extracted.
  5. Your rug is dried under controlled temperature and humidity. Your clean rug is inspected and further spot cleaning is performed as necessary.
  6. Your rug is brushed to evenly raise the pile.
  7. The fringes are brushed, trimmed or treated as necessary.
  8. Your rug is re-inspected and vacuumed.
  9. We deliver your rug to your home or office, where it is re-laid over padding to your requirements, carefully moving your furniture as necessary.

Caring for Your Rugs

  • Turn your rug every year to equalize the effects of traffic patterns and exposure to sunlight.
  • All rugs require padding to reduce wear, inhibit slippage and add sumptuousness. Even rugs placed on wall-to-wall carpeting need a special pad to discourage “creeping.”
  • Vacuum your rug in the direction of the nap. You can feel this with your hand.
  • Do not vacuum the fringes of the rug; it breaks them. Sweep the fringe areas with a broom instead.
  • Never put a house plant or flower pot on your rug. No matter how cautious you are, moisture will either penetrate or condense on the bottom of the pot, creating permanent mildew damage.
  • Spills that have dried and are now stains should not be treated without the specific advice of an experienced Oriental rug cleaner.
  • Do not clean your Oriental rug with steam cleaners or chemicals. These can prematurely age your rugs by robbing them of their natural oils.
  • Every few months, give your rugs a visual inspection. The first evidence of wear is usually at the edges and ends. Also check the back for moth damage (this will appear as areas of missing knots, although the cotton foundation remains). Should you see anything amiss, call for our free consultation service immediately.
  • Have your rugs cleaned by a professional Oriental rug cleaner every 2 to 3 years (sooner, if you think they need it).

Rug Storage

Your rug is much more vulnerable to damage when it’s in storage than in day-to-day use. Moths prefer laying their larvae in tightly rolled rugs. Basements are likely to be damp and poorly ventilated, encouraging mildew and rot. Poorly folded rugs can develop cracked foundations.

If you intend to store your rugs for more than three months, please contact us. Our specially moth-proofed and humidity-monitored vaults are designed to keep your valuable rugs perfectly preserved until you want to use them again.

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